Statement of Financial Assets at 24 April 2009

Barclays Bank £   Bell Restoration Fund £
Business Premium Account 5443.01   As at 25 April 2008 27588.63
Community Account 500.20      
HSBC Bank     Add  
Current Account 577.02   Excess of Incoming Resources 8931.93
Savings Account 2000.33   in first year as charity  
Deposit Bond 28000.00      
  36520.56     36520.56

These accounts have been examined by an Independent Examiner and are confirmed to represent a true and accurate statement of the affairs of the Friends.

Presentation of certificate for 4,000 grant

This photograph shows Judith Kauntze, Trustee of the Devon Historic Churches Trust, presenting a certificate to mark the award of a 4,000 grant to the Rev. John Carvosso, for repairs to the Church. Also in the photograph, bottom right, is the Team Rector, the Rev. Kim Mathers.

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