Extracts from the Atherington Parochial Magazine

NB: all extracts from Atherington Parochial Magazine are accurate from the printed copy.

Extract from Atherington Parochial Magazine
Volume XXIX Number 347, November 1914, price 1d.

“Atherington Church School.
Attendances of Children for year ending Sept. 30th. School has assembled 429 times. Perfect Attendances have been made by Emmeline Down . . .” and others.

“The Record of Emmeline Down, who was admitted as a scholar at this school on June 12th 1905, is an unusually good one. On January 7th, 1914, she completed seven years of perfect attendance, and her record is still unbroken.”

(AJD’s note : Her scholastic record subsequently extended to 10 years perfect attendance.)

Extract from Atherington Parochial Magazine
(date unknown, but possibly Volume XXVI Number 7, July 1911), price 1d.
Printed by Poole’s West of England Printing Works, Broad Street and King Street, South Molton.

“The Church Bells.

A matter that very seriously concerns the whole Parish is the condition of our Bells. We have always been proud of them, and we are proud of our Ringers, who on Whitmonday won the 2nd prize Certificate at the open Competition at High Bickington. For some little time we have realized that there has been something amiss with our peal, and the reports of the Experts, who have been consulted by the Rector and Churchwardens, reveal a very serious state of affairs. To make our peal, what it is quite capable of being made, viz: one of the best, perhaps the best, in North Devon, will require an outlay of about £200. The question is whether it is possible for us to get together such a large sum of money during the next 12 months; or are we to be content with a smaller job at less cost and a less satisfactory result?

The Rector and Churchwardens feel very strongly that the work, when it is undertaken, and it cannot very well be delayed, ought to be done thoroughly and perfectly. The matter is receiving their earnest attention; later on it is proposed to call a Meeting of Parishioners, to consult then [sic] as to their wishes and to ask for their hearty and enthusiastic support in the big job before us.”

Extract from Atherington Parochial Magazine
Volume XXVI Number 12, December 1911 , price 1d.
Printed by Poole’s West of England Printing Works, Broad Street and King Street, South Molton.

“The Bells.
We are longing to hear the Bells again, and to see the Clock in its place and again on the move. The latest news from Loughborough, where the Bells now are, is a telegram from Messrs. Taylor & Co., as follows:- Doing our utmost to complete January 1st, shall be ready unless something very unforeseen occurs.’

The Bishop of the Diocese (Dr. Robertson) has accepted the invitation of the Rector to be present on that day and to preach at the Church Service, which will probably be at 2.15pm.

The Bells Committee meets on Monday eve, 11th inst., to decide on the arrangements for the day, which it is hoped will be observed as a general holiday in the Parish.”

Extract from Atherington Parochial Magazine
Volume XXVII Number 2, February 1912, price 1d.
Printed by Poole’s West of England Printing Works, Broad Street and King Street, South Molton.

“Atherington Church Bells’ Fund – Balance Sheet.

 1911. Receipts.£s.d.  1911 & 1912. Payments£s.d.
ByArthur Family and Relatives10000 ToMessrs. J. Taylor & Co.186146
 "Subscriptions107180  "     "     Wippell - Brass Tablet319
 "Collecting Cards1363  "T. Beer, Carpenter728
 "Sums collected by Mr. J. Down.9120  "T. Harris, Mason6106
 "Surplus from Coronation Fund21811  "Gould and Son, Cement, etc2194
 "Sale of old oak, Iron work, and bell ropes1170  "Murch Bros., Wood2106
 "Profit on Ball3176  "T. Loosemore, smith 130
 "Bank Interest 171  "Barnes, printing 189
       "Hill & Sons. removing and re­fixing Clock500
       "Extras - gravel for paths, cleaning etc. 145
       "Luncheon for Ringers in School
       Room on Re-opening day6150
      Balance in Bank1764
  £24069   £24069

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